There are an abundance of tools, practices and guides that can assist our journey into wholeness, filling it with ease, grace, joy and play.

Everyone will resonate with different elements, and that is perfect.  We may be called to certain practices for a time, and then all of a sudden shift. That is also perfect. There is no need to commit to one way of doing something for the rest of your life. The commitment is to yourself, and you are dynamic.

Allow yourself to play, explore, be curious and try new things.

If it comes into your life, it is for you.

energetic tools

⚘ Smudge sticks (sage, cedar, palo santo, lavendar, etc)

⚘ Crystals

⚘ Aura sprays

⚘ Singing bowls, bells, chimes

⚘ Flowers and flower essences

⚘ Essential oils

⚘ Plants

⚘ Oracle, angel and tarot cards

⚘ Images, statues or symbols of divinity

plant medicines

⚘ Ayahuasca

⚘ San Pedro

⚘ Psilocybin

⚘ Santa Maria

⚘ Peyote

⚘ Cacao

⚘ Tobacco

⚘ Hapé

conscious practices

⚘ Breathwork

⚘ Ecstatic Dance

⚘ Yoga Asana

⚘ Qi Gong and Tai Chi

⚘ Shaking

⚘ Mindful Walking

frequency tune-up

⚘ Bianural Beats

⚘ Solfeggio Frequencies

⚘ Drum Journey

⚘ Sound Healing

⚘ Toning

⚘ Kirtan

teachers and masters

⚘ Archangels

⚘ Ancient Egypt

⚘ Lemuria + Atlantis

⚘ Hindu Gods + Goddesses

⚘ Aztec + Mayan Culture

⚘ Faeries + Dragons + Magical Beings

⚘ Ascended Masters

⚘ Star Brothers + Sisters

Sia-Lanu Estrella

Neem Karoli Baba

Ram Dass

Alan Watts

Eckhart Tolle

Matt Kahn

power places

⚘ Mount Shasta (root)

⚘ Lake Titicaca (sacral)

⚘ Uluru (solar plexus)

⚘ Glastonbury (heart)

⚘ Giza (throat)

⚘ Mount Kailash (crown)

⚘ Ausungate

⚘ Sedona

⚘ Hawaii

⚘ Mount Fuji

⚘ Mount Sinai 

⚘ Lake Titicaca

⚘ Ganges River

optimal health + wellbeing

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