When journeying through the magical realms, we are often accompanied by guides. These beings exist in higher dimensions, and act as bridges, wisdom holders and gate keepers to unlock remembrance deep within ourselves.


You'll first encounter an animal guide, who will walk with you in the Inner Earth realms.


The Inner Earth is the realm of the Elana, the magic folk, often referred to as faeries.  Faeries hold the blueprint of Gaia in her purest, most harmonious state. They are elemental beings, weaving a beautiful balance between Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Spirit.


The faeries we'll work with in this journey are excited to co-create with humans to elevate Gaia and bring her abundant nourishment and unconditional love to all.


Our guides are mirrors to deeper aspects of ourselves. Allow this journey to unfold layers within, and learn more about yourself in the process.

Meet your Guides

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