Shed layers of self-doubt that prevents you from living in your empowered, creative state.

Self-doubt is the accumulation of self-imposed limitations on shining our light. It can take many forms: not feeling like enough, feeling too small, too scarce, unsupported, unloved. You know, deep down, none of these are true ~ but in the moment, these feelings may overwhelm you and prevent action.

Led by our magical guides, we will journey to places of deep solace. We'll see firsthand how far our love has spread, how many hearts it has touched.

We'll meet our higher self aspects, and together shed limiting beliefs, and integrate all the lessons and gifts for our soul.

Then we'll meet some of our core spiritual guides, and witness our vision for this lifetime. We'll see through the eyes of those who unconditionally love and support us just how powerful we truly are.

From Self-Doubt to Empowered Action

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