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The awakening path is available to all of us, and ultimately, we are our own healers and teachers.  All of the magic, love and remembrance is within.

I envision the path as a forested walk through the mountains. It's simultaneously beautiful, challenging, rewarding, and at times, overwhelming.


We get stuck. We feel lost. Or we are ready to climb a higher peak.

Working with guides can ease our journey, lighten the seriousness of it all,  initiate us into deeper truths, and activate greater healing.


Mentors are mirrors to show you what already hold within. 

is a mentorship right for you?

You might be beginning your spiritual journey, seeking to deepen your awareness or activate your multidimensional gifts.


Wherever you are, working with Megan means you want to lead through joy, and heal through love. 

While the work is deep, it can also be playful, magical and exciting.

Some topics that may be arising for you:

~ Tuning into and trusting your intuition

~ Identifying and transmuting limiting beliefs

~ Understanding energy, power and attraction

~ Shifting the victim story, coming into creator consciousness

~ Deepening your connection with the Earth and magic

~ Connecting with your Higher Self and spiritual guides

~ Creating from love and sharing your authentic expression

~ Activating your multidimensional gifts and unlimited potential

1 session


3 sessions


3 months



what happens in a session?

Each session is tailored directly for you.  Whether we work together once or over a period of sessions, we will co-create a sacred container for the highest guidance to flow through.  We will ask that all shifts come with ease and grace.

You will receive tools, practices, downloads, connections and support as aligned with the direction of your Higher Self. The more you open, the more you will receive.

This work is greatly supported through your continuous effort and integration.  While immediate and sustainable breakthroughs happen, change is often the process of the steady unraveling of old patterns and development of new ones.  Deep, lasting transformation comes through embodiment and commitment.

"Through a range of exercises, we were really able to dive in deep, and I came away with a renewed perspective and tools to put it all into practice. Megan has such a strong gift and a lot of experience to back up her work."
– Alex, USA

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