Magical Realms

Have you ever dreamt about swimming with mermaids, flying with dragons or dancing with faeries? Would you love to tap into your magical gifts?

Your heart is the portal to all of these experiences.

The Elana (the magic folk) have been asking me to share more of their frequency ~ and so these monthly journeys have been born!

We will meet each month on the Saturday after the Full Moon for a journey to the magical realms. I'll receive the location or theme on each Full Moon, and together, we'll travel from the comfort of our own homes to receive whatever magic is in store for us.

For the month of February, we are working with the energy of shame.

Shame is an energy passed from generation to generation. It has a heavy quality, making us feel dense, in the wrong, and keeping us from free-flowing love. It is not yours. And it can be given back to Source, fully transmuted into divinity.

In this month's journey, we'll be doing just that. Identifying areas where we are holding shame in our own bodies, and returning it to Creator, uploaded to the All, clearing space in ourselves for deeper love to reside.

We'll clear layers of shame from ourselves and our ancestral line. We'll recode and reactivate the deep remembrance of love, divinity, purity and sacred sexuality. And we'll learn tools to continue unfolding into our freedom, sovereignty and unconditional love of all.


Each session will last about an hour.  The live Zoom call takes place on Saturday, February 6 at 11am.  The recording will be posted and available for download after that.

Suggested exchange is $22. This is an important aspect of the Lemurian codes, but please don't let money get in the way of magic. Whatever you can exchange is perfect. For those that can pay it forward, your gift is much appreciated.

Available Journeys

These journeys take place in multidimensional time + space. That means they were recorded in an eternal present moment, and you can go in at anytime and receive the magic.  And you'll likely find that each time you journey, you'll unfold deeper layers of wisdom, activation and remembrance.

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