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soul shine

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You came here for a reason.

You have a unique purpose.

There is an authentic, joyful, blissful you shining beneath all those layers of can’ts, won’ts, coulds and shoulds.

And you're ready to step into that version of yourself.

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Tap into your gifts,
explore the astral realms, & activate your magical frequency.

Explore a wealth of resources to help you unfold the mystery of your body-mind-spirit.

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Deeply tuned into the mysteries of the soul from a young age, I am here to remember and remind of the magic that lies within.

After years following the American Dream, I took a new (ancient) path, guided by my imagination, intuition and excitement. I began to re-attune to the gifts of my Higher Self, and remember why I am truly here.

Now I share these encoded tools and activations with you, so that you may grow in love, trust and joy, and co-create the world of your dreams.

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There have been so many shifts and breakthroughs after taking Megan’s course. It feels like I have taken off a layer, and now I see so much more within me ~ light and dark. I feel more capable to face everything and sit with all that's happening. Thank you so, so, so much. I can't even express in words how much this journey has meant for me and for my awakening path. I'm so grateful for your work and for you.


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