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megan katherine

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Megan guides souls into their uniquely passionate, purposeful, abundant lives, full of love for themselves, trust in their path, and a deep sense of fulfillment.

This work is for those asking, why am I here? What is my purpose? It’s for those ready to come to the next level of spiritual growth and awaken to their inner wisdom.

Come back home to your heart.

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To hold space for your embodiment process, so you can tap into the infinite and abundant stream of Source energy.

To guide you into the remembrance that you are whole, supported, and unconditionally loved.

To help you open as a channel for divinity to flow through, allowing you to live your sacred purpose.

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To do this, we work from the highest frequencies of love, joy, magic, bliss and truth. And to get there, we dive into all that is not aligned with those vibrations.

This means opening to truths about yourself that have been keeping you stuck in patterns.

It means taking responsibility for your choices and creations, recognizing your power to release these beliefs and habits, and choose again.

Shadow work, inner child work, ancestral healing and timeline alchemy are keys to living the empowered, exciting life of your dreams.

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I went from feeling depressed, confused and unloveable to waking up with deep excitement and joy for each day.

I learned to fully love and accept myself, to live in awe at the magic and mystery in all moments, and to feel abundantly supported from following my passions.

I found a beautiful balance of work, play, love, relationships, solitude, and to be grateful for everything that shows up ~ from challenges and lessons to miracles and blessings. And the more I love, the more love continues to show up.

This work is for you if you are on a spiritual path, and you're ready to go to the next level. You're ready to live creatively, passionately and purposefully.

You know that somewhere inside, there is a deeply empowered being, and you're ready to step into that version of yourself.

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about energy, ancient wisdom, quantum healing, magical beings and the star realms

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embodying the creatrix within, sacred union of my own divine feminine and sacred masculine.

Womb wisdom

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plants, animals, minerals, the elements, the directions, Her wisdom. Yes.



a wanderer at heart, I'm home in Peru, India, England, Mt. Shasta, Mexico, and Lake Atitlan...
Thank goddess for astral travel.




Aligning my body, mind + spirit through meditation, movement, detoxing, plant medicines + pleasure.

We are living in accelerated, transformational times.

Everything you can imagine is possible. It's all waiting to be unlocked within you.

Sending you so much love for wherever you are on your path. Thank you for showing up.

In love + magic ~ Megan Katherine

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