meet megan katherine

Intuitive.  Creative.  Guardian of Gaia.  Medicine Woman.  Mystic. Sacred Mirror.

A dynamic, endlessly evolving being who is creating a passionate, purposeful life, curiously exploring all the parts of my soul, long forgotten and now remembered.

I choose to be grateful for the beauty, truth, love, joy and bliss that make up every moment. I find the deeper I dive into the shadowy aspects of my being, and integrate them, the lighter I become. The more magic unfolds.

My journey has led me from a Straight-Edge, Straight-A Conservative Catholic child raised on promises of the American Dream all the way to a Cosmic Faery Goddess, standing in my power, shining my light and living from my heart.

I am so honored to walk this path, and to hold space for others who are ready to remember the depth of their souls and live as divinity, as an empowered creator.


We are living in accelerated, transformational times.


Everything you can imagine is possible. It's all waiting to be unlocked within you.

Sending you so much love for wherever you are on your path. Thank you for showing up. 


Many blessings.

a few fun facts about me

– i am a wanderer. born in texas, i called eight states home before moving to peru at the start of my saturn return.

– i love the forest. hiking, sleeping under the stars, cooking over an open fire and meditating with the trees, yes please.

– i love cooking. from working on farms to catering farm-to-table meals to preparing plant-based meals (+ treats) as a retreat chef, giving love through food is at my core. 

– i am an avid journeyer. whether it's traveling the dimensions of consciousness, meeting with faeries, plant devas, star beings and ascended masters or guiding others into a journey, this is an essential part of my being.

– i am an aquarius sun, scorpio moon, pisces rising.         5/1 manifestor generator. enneagram type four.

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