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Welcome, beautiful beings ~


You have arrived at a portal filled with accessible and essential tools for your awakening path. 


Everything here has been created to guide you into deeper self-love, embracing your cosmic gifts, and embodying the wholeness that you are.

Wherever you are on your journey, you will be met with love.

When you commit to yourself, the entire universe conspires to assist you.


about megan

Deeply tuned into the mysteries of the soul from a young age,

Megan is here to remember and remind of the magic that lies within.

As a child, Megan communicated with Gaia, played with the faeries,

and knew she was here on Earth during a transformational time.

She forgot all of this for awhile, and tried the American Dream out for size.

She became many things and had many labels, but none of them were allowing the soul to shine or the heart to sing.

So she committed herself to following her heart, allowing the imagination of her inner child and the wisdom of her soul to guide her path.  This deep inquiry has attuned her with the multidimensional gifts of her Higher Self, and she now shares these activations and remembrances with you.

May these encoded tools assist you in deepening love, trust and joy, and reminding you that you, too, can create the world of your dreams.

gratitude for megan

"I came into my session with Megan feeling a little anxious and unsure of what was going to come up. But immediately, Megan made me feel safe and comfortable. Through a range of exercises I felt that we were really able to dive in deep, even on my first session, and I came away with a renewed perspective and tools to put it all into practice. It is clear to me that she has such a strong gift and a lot of experience to back up her work. I can’t recommend working with Megan enough, especially if you are going through a time of transition. I look forward to working with her again. Thank you, Megan!"

Alex | Minnesota, USA


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